Ghost Chili, Ghost Chili!

I bought this domain years ago. I remember I had just spent a weekend buying the most domains I had ever purchased before, so I had buying on my mind. That Monday I came into work, and one of the top stories in Yahoo was the world’s hottest chili was found in India, and it was called the “ghost chili”. I immediately went to my registrar and bought the name.

Since then I haven’t done much with this domain. I started to develop it about a year later to sell product with ghost chili in the with affiliate accounts, but at the time, there still weren’t many products that include ghost chilies, not like there are today. Anyway after a couple hours of work, I decided with the lack of products to market, developing the site wasn’t worth the effort, so I parked it with Sedo (which was such a waste of this domain).

So I just held onto this domain, and over the years more and more products have been created using ghost chili peppers. Now if you Google “ghost chili” there are over 12 million hits, and the first hit is the Wikipedia page that I helped write.

It’s funny how things change over the years. If I had developed this site when I first bought this domain name, I’d probably have the number 1 site for Ghost Chilies in the world. I would have learned a lot about these chilies and would probably have become the North American expert on Ghost Chili. But alas, I decided to pursue other interests, and I’m just developing this site now after some many others have already entered and taken advantage of the market.

Well, they say better late than never. And I’m finally here now. Yeah, I’m here now…